Somatic Satsang & Meditation

“It is my delight to offer meditation ‘practice’ as true and sincere investigation in service to realizing the absolute reality in symphony with the relative reality of Being.”

Water and light

Somatic Satsang — The sharing of sensory investigation in association with “Truth”

These gatherings provide an intentional and conscious container for inherent Self-Realization within the somatic experience of “Body.” We come together to explore our bodies as the vessels of Living Presence that they are.

“The body itself is to reveal the light that’s blazing inside your Presence.”  ~ Rumi

Being AS Body™ is a group, guided meditative exploration emphasizing Feeling-Awareness over form. We explore what it is like to be moved slowly and natively from within over striving to follow an external “form.” There are many, many movement practices available in which to follow a sequence of movements so this is an opportunity to go inside and explore subtle listening from a disposition of engaged curiosity. Being AS Body™ invites witnessing awareness to be informed by our body’s authentic, spontaneous expression. We allow our body to unwind and share its secret language. Awareness travels on the river of breath on conscious pilgrimage to inquisitively encounter all that is alive inside. We emerge enlivened, nourished, integrated and resourced.

Meditation — Being As We Are

Soar!The most eloquent and precise description of meditation that I’ve ever come across is Adyashanti’s True Meditation

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To find out more about Being As We Are, group guided meditation, contact Shantam or check the Calendar.

BuddhaMeditation – In Silence

To find out more about silent meditation contact Shantam or check the Calendar.

Some “side effects” to a love affair with Meditation might be:

  • Self-Realization«Self-Actualization
  • More fluidity & spontaneity
  • Compassionate witnessing and unwinding of “conditioning”
  • Growing and learning with joy
  • Becoming “Grace Prone”
  • Natural appreciation of “what is”
  • Interconnectedness, Oneness, “the Big Picture”
  • Emotional equanimity