Fluid Presence™ on Land

Fluid Presence™ on land is a synergy of spiritual mentoring, guided meditative-inquiry and additional healing arts. Together, we navigate what is alive in you, what is calling for your attention and what is presenting itself as a doorway into your deepest Presence.

ViewFluid Presence™ is offered in the group setting as meditation & somatic satsang, (sensory investigation of feeling-awareness) and meeting one on one in person, by phone or via Skype.

Our potential is to live in a love affair with this unique gift of life we have been given; intimately Awake, curiously engaged and in awe of the astounding intelligence that we are alive inside of and is alive inside of us.

The invitation is to rest in that which does not come and go and be at peace with that which does. We can celebrate the transitory nature of life and sense deeply that the fabric of creation is indeed woven with love. May we be touched to the core!

There is a world of quiet delight waiting to be inhabited AS that which is eternally still and yet continuously birthing itself into Being. 

We are the revealed Presence of Being expressing itself uniquely through each one of us. In other words, we are a miracle! Our very existence is a miracle and as we relax and allow ourselves to become ever more intimate with this unpredictable, ever-changing occurrence called Life, the more naturally and spontaneously we find ourselves responding appropriately to all experience.

Golden sundays

Potential outcomes of Fluid Presence ™ investigation might be:

  • Realization of Source as ONE’s Self
  • Integration of rejected, avoided, denied aspects of oneself
  • Inner Self-referencing
  • Reconnection to what has heart and meaning
  • True Freedom & the falling away of spiritual seeking
  • Peace & well-being

“I must be radically honest here in this testimonial: The experiences I have had working with Shantam in the water and in private consultation are easily the most powerful, nurturing and deeply transformational experiences I have ever had working with another person. Shantam is highly intuitive, kind, gentle and nurturing. And these exquisite qualities of her heart flow effortlessly and directly into her work with her clients. I do not open my body or heart up very easily unless I instinctually trust the person I am working with, and I am very discerning. Working with Shantam, I completely trust her touch and her perception on every level. I willingly surrender, to the best of my ability, the most private, vulnerable, and tender parts of my being to her transformational work, knowing I am always in good hands and heart with her!” ~ Neil Steven Cohen, Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Awakening, Author: The Voice of Heart: An Intimate Invitation

footprints in sand

Fluid Presence™ is the Harmony that we return to — the eternal Love within ourselves


This Moment, The True Lover

This moment, the new lover. 

This seduction, like no other.

This love affair, with all of creation. 

This welcoming “YES” to all life’s sensation.

This intoxication is not the drunken kind.

This we are now, unimaginable by the mind. 

This sacred union dissolves all longing. 

This very moment IS the ultimate belonging.

This moment, the True Lover.