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Shantam in a sessionFluid Presence™ is a new generation of warm-water therapy, which integrates the best of what Aquatic Bodywork has to offer with a therapeutic holistic approach to individually tailoring sessions to address each client’s unique lifestyle and needs.

Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic therapy is a modality, which is oriented to health, unity, and the totality of our Being. Healing is a dynamic process inviting restoration of and entrainment to our intrinsic wholeness. When anything presents itself in our lives to be “made whole,” all aspects of our existence, our whole person wants to be included. The alchemy of witnessing and allowing what is actually so, whether in sacred silence or through engaged inquiry invites physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integration. Through the power of unconditional, shared Presence and the deep relaxation that being held in warm water evokes, the capacity for self-healing is activated.

Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic Therapy is a medium for sharing the language of the Soul; a silent transmission from Being to Being and heart to heart. Through our willingness to enter into the intimacy of being in the unknown together, we touch into the sacred alive in us all.

What is unique about this program?

Fluid Presence™ describes a therapeutic modality in warm water and applies to a way of Being. Fluid Presence™ Providers learn to deeply trust the healing field, which we are privileged to be a part of. Witnessing awareness and compassionate presence support activation of the healing source within. Fluid Presence™ Providers learn to perceive and behold with awe and reverence the subtleties of pure life-force energy and potency and to trust the perfect timing and unfolding of a greater intelligence.

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Who is it for?

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What is the Fluid Presence™ Provider Certification process?

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Course Requirements

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Fluid Presence™ Provider Course Descriptions

Fluid Presence™ Foundation

This course is open to beginners as well as seasoned professionals looking to refine technique,  body mechanics and learn new principles.

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Presence of Being™

Prerequisite Possibilites: Fluid Presence™ Foundation, Watsu®, WaterDance™, Healing Dance, WaterBreath Way Weekend, Mentoring or Instructor permission. Presence of Being™ Intake Form is required.

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Fluid Presence™ 1

Prerequisite: Fluid Presence™ Foundation (or equivalent), Presence of Being™ or Instructor permission.

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Fluid Presence™ 2

Prerequisites: Fluid Presence™ 1, Application & Review process, “Demonstration of Proficiency” Session

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Fluid Presence™ 3

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Fluid Presence™ 2

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Ambassadors of the Water ~ Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic Therapy Providers & Instructors

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