Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic Therapy

Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic Therapy is founded primarily on the healing power of unconditional Presence. Fluid Presence™ is an integral approach to exploring the totality of our human experience through the application of Biodynamic Cranial principles, an array of healing arts and relational energetics in the aquatic environment.

Shantam in a session

Fluid Presence™ is offered as a medium to facilitate true self-empowerment and connection to the healing source within you. From this place you can access your innate wisdom and ability to love, heal and live from a place of wholeness and completeness.

The beauty of the warm-water healing environment is that it is an elemental representation of our deepest compassionate Presence within. The warm-water is a silent sanctuary and its embrace is all-inclusive inviting us to bring to it whatever is alive in us at the moment.

Sometimes no amount of words can do a subject justice. And so it is with attempting to describe the transcendent yet profoundly real experience of self-connection one has during a Fluid Presence™ warm-water, holistic therapy session.

Shantam in a session

There is great wisdom in giving ones self the space to meet and feel what is so. When we open to ourselves without agenda, a natural alchemy unfolds, liberating perceived restrictions and releasing us to flow more freely with life. Every condition is a portal to greater intimacy in relationship to ones self. Every condition has the potential to act as a loving catalyst for deeper connection to our body, thoughts, feelings, sensations and the mirror of Awareness that reflects them all

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Shantam in a sessionFluid Presencewarm-water holistic therapy is an evolution inspired by 20 years of practicing and teaching a “Presence of Being” approach to the pioneering Aquatic Bodywork modalities of Watsu® & WaterDance™. With the creation of Fluid Presence™, Shantam shares her unique synthesis of the healing arts, meditation & Self Inquiry as a path of discovery on the ever-unfolding journey of Self Realization & Actualization.

“The real purification with water
Is to bathe in the essence of eternity
And stand in your true body:
Stunning autonomy, luminous bliss,
Invisible consciousness pulsating
Always and in every direction.”
~ Lorin Roche, “The Radiance Sutras”

Shantam Namaste