Additional Healing Arts

There are times when it may be preferred to explore land-based modalities on a massage table. Just as in the water, a space is created to listen to your whole being in an environment of unconditional loving support.

Biodynamic Cranial Based Touch

Cranial HoldConscious, connected touch is offered as a journey into deep Stillness. This “Breath of Life,” touch-transmission is nothing short of devotional and is very quiet and profoundly deep.

I have studied various forms of cranial work and have been most greatly influenced by the Biodynamic style of Charles Ridley, the author of STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness. I continue to deepen and collaborate with Ajaya Sommers.

Metamorphosis Energy Work

Hands of LightThis form of energy work is a synergistic blend born of a yearlong mentorship with an intuitive, energy healer, Reiki, and many, many years of feeling subtle energies and allowing my hands to teach me. The water has trained my body to be open and responsive to being guided and my heart to trust what shows up in the healing environment. At times, my hands will remain on the physical body and other times, they will be off the body, floating in the subtle energy field. For the receiver, generally both types of contact are equally palpable. Often my hands are magnetized to areas of energetic congestion and deficiency. Usually these areas correspond with conditions in the body, patterns of behavior and belief systems.  The beauty of receiving another’s supportive Presence, is that together, we bump up the potency to release inertia, excess and enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities.

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