Fluid Presence™ is Warm-Water Holistic Therapy, which quiets the mind, relaxes the body and opens the heart. Through its watery transmission, Fluid Presence™ offers a gateway to our innate wisdom, healing power and provides us with resources with which to move more fluidly in life.

Shantam in as sessionEntering the water sanctuary is like slipping into warm silk. The water wraps itself around you in a warm embrace and gently nurtures your body. You are gradually invited to rest back while floated and attended to in a peaceful, womb-like world. Gentle, graceful motion carries your body, mind and spirit into deep relaxation. Movement and stillness dance in harmony with the breath as you are invited to completely let go. The water embodies a living, clear mirror reflecting you back to yourself in sacred Awareness. The sanctity of this quiet, water world becomes a resonant chamber of heightened sensations and inner listening.

Each Fluid Presence™ session is tailored to what is alive in you and each session is unique. Together, we will reach into the heart of what wants to be explored and open ourselves to be guided on the journey that is right for you. Whether this is to stay at the surface of the water, or to explore going underwater, great care is taken to sensitively introduce you to this profound modality.

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What are Fluid Presence™ Sessions helpful for?

The therapeutic effects of Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic Therapy can be profound and life changing.

Shantam in a session

A session can be an exploration of your Being on any level whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or situational. Anyone can derive benefit from Fluid Presence™ Warm-Water Holistic Therapy.

Sessions can be particularly supportive for:
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“It’s almost as if it was like a birth experience into the no-self that was never born!” ~ Tom Rhodes

“I really felt like I was born anew or born again after the session. I know this is not your religion but you baptized me!  By the Course in Miracles definition being ‘born again’ is to recognize your Self, the Spirit Self.  Thank you for supporting that process for me. I have been writing at least one poem a day. My appreciation for life has increased exponentially!” ~ Thomas Dewey

“My heart is opened, in silence and peace.” ~ Salima Juliana Lara Resende, Psychologist, Advanced BodyTalk  Practitioner
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What’s a Fluid Presence™ Session Like?

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“I am honored to share Fluid Presence™ with you and support you in accessing your own innate wisdom and ability to love, heal and live from a place of wholeness and completeness. This is a return to the heart, a return to the innocence of who is underneath whatever beliefs you may have held about yourself. Remembering who you truly are is rediscovering the freedom, joy and ease of your True Nature. From here, your life, your purpose, your work – everything – becomes an inspired flow.”

Session Information

1 Hour Sessions are $150 – $250 Sliding Scale  (prices vary according to venue)

Longer sessions are available at a rate of $30 per 15 minutes

Students fulfilling requirements for Fluid Presence™ Provider & Aquatic Bodywork Modalities  $120

Shantam in a sessionThis includes dialog and integration time. Longer or shorter sessions are available upon request. Receiving warm-water therapy can be very powerful and have profound effects so it wise to give yourself plenty of time after a session to maintain a slow pace. There are decks to lie or sit on at PremShala and a trail down to a private lake for meditative walks and quiet contemplation.

Many clients travel from afar to immerse themselves in the work and achieve maximum benefit. Contact Shantam to plan a personal retreat and schedule multiple sessions during your visit.

“I travel 4,000 miles every year to spend time exploring my “being” at the Water Temple. Time with Shantam is a sweet soul adventure with a healer, spiritual guide, channel of divinity, and Goddess that will “take you home”…right to the center of your heart. Don’t miss this one”! ~ Dr. Nick Gargala, M.S.S.W., C.S.W. Louisville Kentucky

Various levels of accommodation are available at PremShala, and nearby Harbin Hot Springs, and Spirit Lake B&B or by booking through Air B&B.

To Book a Session, Contact Shantam

Shantam also gives sessions in other locations such as the Bay Area, the greater Los Angeles area, New York, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Diego and various other locations where pools can be found. Please see the Calendar or Contact Shantam with inquiries.

To find out more about Fluid Presence™ sessions, taking a class or scheduling one at your location, Contact Shantam or check out the Calendar and Course, Events & Retreats.

For those who may feel shy about stepping into such unfamiliar territory, the following is a very honest account from a first time receiver.

“It was amazing. At first it feels strange. You don’t know what to do with yourself, lying back in the water, allowing someone to do absolutely everything for you. You have to trust them so much and when you finally do trust, relax and lay back, your senses are enhanced and you can’t help but smile. : )
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   Tip to newcomers/first timers:

“Don’t be scared and just trust! Also in the beginning you can’t stop thinking about anything/everything but amazingly soon hopefully at some point you do and the black darkness and quiet of your mind isn’t so intimidating. It is comforting and welcoming. It is something many have never truly experienced — 100% relaxation. Could help with writers block! Helps with everything. It is like the god of non-ingested medicines.” ~ Elizabeth

“I’ve always felt that your work helped me to heal my back. I was hobbled for 18 months and had trouble walking. My back was bent with scoliosis and stenosis and I was using my putter for a cane. Although we did not do a lot of treatments, I felt like the session was the turning point in getting my back spasms to stop and allow the healing process to begin. Now I am back playing golf and healthy as a 18 year old Swede.” ~ Steve Terre, Owner Owner, Sel de la Terre

Shantam in a session