Spirit Lake, rainbowPremShala (Abode of Love) is the home of Shantam and The Water Temple and was built in the hills of Lake County overlooking a body of serene, sweet water known by locals as Spirit Lake. We are located approximately 15 minutes from Harbin Hot Springs  in Northern California, USA. PremShala was created as a gathering place for kindred spirits to come together and explore the beauty of our uniqueness and the potency of intentionally sharing with one another on the spiritual path.

Lake Country Sky

We regard PremShala as a sacred space and sustain an energetic vision of it as a mandala with Presence at its center. Each part that makes up the mandala radiates its distinctive offering to support awakening to our True Nature. This intent is at the heart of each event, course and retreat offered at PremShala. Besides water related courses and explorations, gatherings take many forms including meditation and somatic-style satsang as well as unique collaborations that encourage deeper connection and spontaneity in our lives.

The surrounding natural environment is wonderful for meditation, quiet rest and contemplative walks.

The Water Temple

Water Temple

Entering the water sanctuary is designed to entrain you to a sense of peace, to give you permission to retreat from rushing and offer you an invitation to unplug from daily demands, to slow down and attune with your body, mind, heart & Essence.

Pool at night