About Fluid Presence™

What is Fluid Presence?

Shantam reflected in waterFluid Presence™ refers to the exquisite existence of living in both the world of spirit and  matter, form and formlessness, emptiness and fullness. Understanding the all-encompassing, paradoxical nature of existence is truly beyond comprehension. Yet, when we soften and rest in our hearts, we sense something else. We feel the unfathomable Mystery summoning us to live this miraculous existence as a flow of sentience.

Fluid Presence™ is an offering. It is a style of re-education; creating a shift in the perception that keeps us habitually looking through the narrow lens of a separate self. The invitation offered, through experiential and sensory awareness, is to gently and viscerally rest back into what has always been looking through our eyes and feeling through our bodies.

Fluid Presence™ is a meaningful phrase to curiously explore with genuine, humble intention. Fluid Presence ™ is a living meditation to seduce you into it, to fall in love with and ultimately, to live and breathe.