About Shantam

Shantam Fluid Presence™ Founder, BFA, CMT, Master Hypnotherapist, Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA) certified and internationally renowned Aquatic Bodywork Therapist & Instructor has been practicing, teaching and furthering the development of warm-water therapy for two decades. Shantam sits on the Advisory Board of the non-profit organization WAVE Academy, which is dedicated to expanding the role of warm water therapy as a powerful tool in the healing and advancement of individuals, communities and the human condition.

ShantamWell known for creating the course Presence of Being™ and training WaterDance™ (WATA®) and Watsu® therapists worldwide, Shantam’s approach to water work is characterized by continuous communion with the breath and an extraordinary ability to connect profoundly with each client on a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level.

From a very young age, the water played an important and often mystical role in Shantam’s life. From swimming and Junior Lifeguards to surfing, swimming with wild dolphins and diving, she found that being in the water naturally evoked profound interconnectedness with nature and an enhanced sense of well-being. After learning Aquatic Bodywork and hearing people from all walks of life say, “WOW…I feel as if I’ve come home” she knew that beyond the obvious benefits of water work, her students and clients were accessing what they had always longed for inside of themselves. From that point on, she was on a quest to empower people to embody that realization and bring it into fruition in their lives, thus a holistic approach was born.

In 2002, Shantam was asked by her foremost spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, to teach in the Non-Dual tradition. She has since combined her rich background in the healing arts with spiritual teaching and mentoring. Shantam has subsequently created Fluid Presence™, a holistic approach to Self Realization integrating meditative inquiry, somatic exploration and embodiment practices which can be explored in the warm-water therapy environment or on land.

She exudes a kind, compassionate presence and a profuse love of supporting others in awakening and living a fulfilled life.

Shantam“I am honored to share Fluid Presence™ with you. Whether we share time in the sanctity of the warm water, on land, over the phone, via Skype or in a group setting, I cherish the opportunity to witness and guide you with supportive, compassionate presence into an empowered sense of unity and awareness within your own uniqueness.”No matter what the medium, when we are fully present with our mind, body, spirit, emotions and breath, we encounter what is Awake to all that is from the stillness within. This is a return to the heart, a return to the innocence of who is underneath whatever beliefs we may have held about ourselves. Remembering who we truly are is rediscovering the freedom to live and embody the ease and joy of our Essential Nature. From this place of loving acceptance, we can access our own innate wisdom and capacity to love, heal and live from a place of wholeness and completeness. From here, we can experience the deepest connection on all levels to all aspects of our lives. Through this connection, our lives, our purpose, and our work — everything — becomes an inspired practice of being rather than one of doing.