ShantamFluid Presence™ is an integrative, holistic warm-water therapy and land-based approach to awakening and living from our intrinsic wholeness.

Through spiritual mentoring, somatic awareness and healing arts, which support conscious, sensory embodiment, we navigate the territory of what is authentically present. Everything is welcome from urgent concerns (be they physical, mental, emotional, energetic and situational) to a desire for greater cohesion between our spirituality and humanity. When we are willing to turn into rather than away from the raw material of our lives, we discover that our experience simply wants to be met from within the compassionate presence and stillness of the heart.

“After our time together it felt like the strands of years of personal work had been woven together. I move in this world more centered, more cohesive, and more integrated. Your ability to excavate what my heart and soul needed, even though my head and mouth may not have known, was powerful and nourishing. It could not have been a more beautiful experience.” ~ Eternally Grateful, Traci

Fluid Presence™ is beyond a modality; it’s a way of Being.

Ultimately, Fluid Presence is what we are already.

As we relax into direct sensory perception allowing the habitual momentum of mental activity and outward seeking to soften, we discover that our Essence already abides in quiet reverence. From here, the true potential of our lives is realized in our intimate engagement with each precious moment.

“Truth is Self Luminous, Awake and Conscious, a Lover of What Is.” ~  Adyashanti